Tatiana - The girl is the woman!

Have you been staying connected to jhaadey on our social media platforms? Our name is universal! It’s simply @jhaadey! We keep it simple😉 

We've got gist for you!!!!

Jhaadey has chosen to stay committed to telling stories with amazing fashion pieces, so we launched our first kids wear and named it “Tatiana-for the love of a girl child!”  Each piece is available for custom order only for children age 5-12.

This collection was inspired by the struggle of most adults, the dysfunction in society, and most importantly the love of children!

Here, we focused on the girl child because of her delicate nature, however we believe the expressions behind each fashion piece cuts across gender—The boy is the man, and the girl is the woman!

Most of the trouble we face as adults has its root in our childhood! This collection invites us to be more intentional about children, to invest rather than letting chance have its way.

The girl is the woman; make her, don’t break her!

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