• A Combination of Beautiful Fashion, a Good Community, and an Impactful Cause

    The launch of the new collection KAVOD was a success and we are thankful for a community which made this event so special. Craft by Jáde is planning for more Fashion Shows in the future.
  • 25 Shades of 25– Live, Love, Ladle out!

    "The collection was inspired by the human race, and the journey we embark upon in this world. It seems to me that all of our journeys have something in common; we all get to live and die. As dingy as this sounds we do not have to merely live and die, even plants do better so we too can do better."
  • Tatiana - The girl is the woman!

    "This collection was inspired by the struggle of most adults, the dysfunction in society, and most importantly the love of children!"

  • The Summarize Inventory : A Journey to self

    "Each piece in the summarize inventory tells amazing stories of the beauty of self awareness. We all need to connect with ourselves, we need to know and love ourselves if we hope to make any difference in this world we call home."