The Summarize Inventory : A Journey to self

The summarize inventory is the product of my personal journey to self awareness. It was exciting to finally find myself as I began to define my identity in a new society. I suddenly became sensitive to the fact that immigration is very hard, and I dare to say harder for introverts. Migration is ripping a person off their comfort zone and launching them into a foreign place with the hope that they’ll somehow excel. Some people consciously loose the very important connection they have with their real self during this process, while so many unintentionally detach from the essence of their being.

Each piece in the summarize  inventory tells amazing stories of the beauty of self awareness. We all need to connect with ourselves, we need to know and love ourselves if we hope to make any difference in this world we call home. 

Identity before Purpose! It’s who before what!!! 

I hope each piece inspires you to do and be more as much as it inspires me :)

B r o k e n . C r a y o n . K i m o n o 

Well, in our journey we sometimes break, though broken we can still be useful. We choose through self awareness to be useful, we choose to bring color and definition to the lives of others.

B l o s s o m . D r e s s

Give yourself the chance to grow! Allow you to meet you, stop striving to be like others. You are good enough, a limited edition! Allow yourself to blossom! Don’t rob the world of you.

M e t a m o r p h o s e . D r e s s

Self discovery takes time, patience and trust. From egg to caterpillar to pupa and then the beautiful butterfly! Give yourself time to metamorphoses!

Don’t settle in the process of growing, you were made for more!

S e a s o n s . D r e s s

Seasons change, life happens! Sometimes it’s stormy, others times it’s sunny. Whatever seasons you are in your journey, holding on to the things that really matters is the way to scale through. Whether in the valley or on the hill, there is one who calms all storms. Be still because seasons change!

W o r t h . S k i r t

You are on a journey, a journey to self, so come to terms with you and what you were made for. With this discovery comes a great sense of confidence. This is who I am! you’ll declare. As soon as you find out, you’ll understand the type of people you should let in your journey and those you shouldn’t. You’ll understand you’re really worth far more than rubies and it’ll reflect in all your choices.

M i g r a t i o n . S c a r f

Sometimes we need to abandon societal norms and unlearn a lot of things to get to that place of self discovery. Be open minded, allow yourself to migrate from all that’s not empowering you! Migrate and stay true to yourself.

L a y e r e d . D r e s s

This life we get to live is in layers, a time is set for everything! With the different stages in life, one has to learn to find peace and joy in the journey. The value of contentment cannot be overemphasized! Yes, it’s a journey to self, a journey to discovery and growth but don’t be in a hurry least you loose yourself. Enjoy each phase, enjoy each layer!

M i s s i n g . L i n k . S k i r t

Ever felt like your life will be perfect only if you just get that one thing you’ve always wanted? Ah, only if I had that job, that car, a boyfriend or more money!

Sometimes there is a void in our lives in order for us to come to a place of awareness, devotion, and contentment. There is a missing link so we can think.

A r e w a . S k i r t

In Yoruba Language, Arewa means beautiful. As you reach a place of self awareness and discovery, you’ll find so many beautiful things about yourself. Well, here’s a reminder you’re worth all the gifts that has been deposited in you! Don’t feel guilty for being an Arewa ! You are not a mistake.

Growth. S k i r t

Now that you’re grounded in who you are, don’t go hiding somewhere like you’ve come to the end of your journey. Live beyond you! Affect people in your own tiny way! Help people find themselves!

Grow! Be confident, be bold!



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