About Us

Craft by Jade is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that exists to bridge the opportunity gap for underprivileged people. 

We produce a variety of Afrocentric apparel, and use the revenue from the sale of these apparel to curate and offer individualized programs aimed at ending material poverty (and the poverty of being) for families in Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

Our Vision:

Bridge the opportunity gap for families living in poverty in Nigeria and Zimbabwe by ending trends of material and generational poverty while eliminating the poverty of being.

Our Mission:

  • Empower skilled Zimbabwean seamstresses by providing dignified and sustainable employment.
  • Emphasize the immeasurable value in every human being despite the economic circumstances they were born into.
  • Provide children in Zimbabwe with the opportunity to pursue careers in tennis.
  • Uplift underprivileged families in Nigeria by offering individualized programs that include counseling, business consultation, and financial support.
  • Make a lasting global impact by treating beneficiaries with love and dignity; one child, one family, and one community at a time